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Music for film, download for free, buy, or request customized tracks

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  • Music for film, download for free, buy, or request customized tracks

    Just wanted to let you know that The Film Score Store are now open, it's a site where can you find music for your movies (videos, animations and games). There are some free music tracks available to download. There are also tracks to buy for every budget, from the film school student to professional film/tv, and you can also make a request for customized tracks. (You don't pay unless you like what you hear.) Some tracks are useful as temp tracks, they are simple in their build-up and are meant to be non-intrusive. so you can easily change them if you want to later. They are also ment to be helpful in getting info on how many bars and tempo is needed. (and that info will then be helpful for another Composer). New tracks will be added rather frequently, so if you don't find what you need, make a request or check back in a few days. Hope something will be of use.
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    New SciFi track up at
    suitable as underscore, and can be further customized if needed, as can the other tracks at the site. As Always, prices can suit those with extremely tight budget as well as higher budgets, you can choose between so called non-exclusive or exclusive license.
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