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  • Help me out with this...

    I'm a music composer who has done very well scoring TV docs. I'd like to branch out into more dramatic pictures. I wanted to created a quick Demo to upload to IMDB. I Grabbed camera, wrote a short piece and with my very limited film editing skill cut this together.

    My daughter hates it. So thumbs up or thumbs down??

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    Very nice score! My two cents would be to add a drop shadow on the text as it's pretty hard to see with the background. Since this is a promo for your scoring I would also keep your name and main contact info/website on the whole time. Your potential client is there to listen, so it wouldn't hurt keeping that info there the whole time (in the lower corner, maybe with your logo or picture)

    I'd be happy to help you out if you're interested. I love your style of music btw!


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      Nice score. If I needed to hire someone, you'd be in the running.

      But, I do my own scoring.

      I agree with Klay about the drop shadow or possibly change the color so the viewer doesn't have to strain to read the text.


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        Drop Shadow!

        Yes...and other great suggestions. Thanks!

        I knew this was the right place to post,

        Thanks guys!


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          If this is a demo reel on "music" I'm not hearing it. I heard one score. I would like to see scenes of projects you've worked on and tidbits of scores on that. In essence it would give me a feel of the variety of work you've done. For audio, it's Sound don't tell. Let us hear the audio work, not a melodramatic piece with words. Just saying...
          I write. Therefore I am.


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            Hey guys thanks for the feedback. The Drop shadow idea was great.... The idea of this is not show all my music samples, there is just way to much material, just wet the appetite and get a film maker to check out my stuff. Actually contact me would be best.

            so can I bother you guys again? I now have two updated versions.

            So which one...this one?



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              Or this one??