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Hip Hop artist looking to collaborate with film maker

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  • Hip Hop artist looking to collaborate with film maker

    I am a hip hop artist from Kalamazoo Michigan wondering if anyone looking for some music for their film. I am working on my 6th album right now and have plenty of different songs/moods/ and styles to provide. I am not your stereotypical 'rapper', I have a strong message of truth, unity, compassion, love, and loyalty with a revolutionary 'fight the system' side to my music as well. If you have a theme that you would like to match be it war, heartbreak, politics, partying etc. I would gladly send a few tracks that I feel would fit. I would love to help out fellow independent artists while at the same time gaining some exposure. I would require little to no compensation depending on the project. Please contact me if you are interested in hearing some music for consideration. therealshneal[at]



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    Hi Shneal! I just might be looking for something! - I am nearly complete with my film, is there any way to get some samples of your work?


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      Absolutely, would you like links to full albums or would you like me to send you some tracks based on the concept of your film?


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        I can email whatever you would like to you for evaluation.


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          Welcome to the forum! Do you just right hip-hop?



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            Thank you! And I produced my own instrumentals as well as shoot and edit video. However my film equipment is nowhere near professional. I would like to try and score a film in the future. I think that would be fun. But I have about 70 legitimate hip hop tracks and am working on my next project now.