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    If you have complete confidence in what you're doing is good and right, you're either arrogant or a genius. I'm not either.

    If you're like the rest of us, you think you know what you're doing. But, every once in a while look to others for guidance.

    The movie I'm editing (as I've written before) is a demo for the actors. So, all the music is stolen, and I've used quite a few hits. By using this stolen material it's made it hard to compose mood music for certain scenes. You can't back up a Phil Spector production with a strumming guitar recorded in a basement and expect it to work.

    So, I've been working on a simple score of just electric guitar(I'm a good guitarist, by no means great) and I'm listening to what I'm doing and I love it. The next day I hate it. Back and forth till I got to the point where I stopped working on it.

    I finally sent samples to abunch of musicians who I respect, and I got unainimous response that they all loved it. Didn't like it, loved it. They thought it fit perfectly with what I was trying to do.

    It's nice when you think you're doing something right, and people you respect confirm it.

    Find those special people and look to them if you're unsure.