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Experienced composer, willing to work for credit

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  • No Pay Job Experienced composer, willing to work for credit


    I'm a composer (PhD in musicology) and former concert pianist who's taught piano and composition at a number of academies around Europe.

    I'm currently living in the US and am interested in boosting my CV when it comes to the composition part of my output.

    For this reason, I'm currently offering to score movies and related projects for free, just in exchange for credit. I have access to a very high-quality setup with Hollywood-quality samples, and also perform a lot of the music live on my concert grand piano, in a fully outfitted studio.

    So tell me your idea / show me work samples and let's get going!


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    That is a very generous offer.

    Do you have any music samples online that people could listen?


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      I'm working on setting up a website as we speak. I have quite a few samples but I have to sort through them and put them up in some structured order. For now, if I'm approached with specific offers for cooperation, I can produce / find a sample specific to the genre/movie type in question. But I'll definitely post my URL here as soon as my agent and web designer has finished it up.

      Also, if anyone wants recordings of existing classical piano compositions by other composers (everything before 1923 is generally free of copyright) to use in movies, I can do that as well in exchange for credit as a pianist. I can perform pretty much anything.




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        Hi Sel

        I don't know if your offer still stands, but I am a South-African filmmaker and my team is partaking in the 48 hour film festival Johannesburg this year. We are aiming to make a masterpiece and would like to recruit talents such as yourself to make this dream come true.
        Everyone in the team is experienced in their respective fields and apart from a good composer we have strong links in every department for the film.

        The festival is dated for the 6th of September but we are making another one as a dry run on the 10th of July.
        Do you think you have what it takes to score a short in 48 hours?

        Let me know.

        Kind regards


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          Composition Offer

          Dear Marcell,

          This festival sounds pretty intriguing. I could certainly compose something within such a short time frame. I'd be inclined to suggest score heavily/exclusively based on piano, since I'd have a much faster turnaround on that. Would you agree with such an approach?