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Composer looking to work with some new faces...

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  • Composer looking to work with some new faces...

    Hello all,

    My name is Zach Lemmon and I'm a composer based in Los Angeles. I've had the pleasure to collaborate with some excellent indie filmakers so far and I'm currently looking for an opportunity to work with some new faces.

    I have experience working with budgets of all sizes. I understand films are being made on tighter and tighter budgets, however the size of the budget shouldn't have an impact on quality. From recording live scores with a handful of musicians, to orchestras, to the instruments in my studio, to a well programmed synthetic score, I am able maximize every penny that is available for the score. I want to make a great film just as much as you do.

    If you're interested in finding out more, please check out the links below, where you'll find my website and links to some of the films I've worked on Vimeo.


    Zach Lemmon
    Composer for Film/Media
    zachlemmon (at)


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    Welcome Zach, looking forward to hearing your work!
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