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  • Two Scripts For Sale

    I have two short scripts for sale. One is finished and ready to go the other is almost done, just lost interest in finishing it up.

    I'm not going to go into extremely detail about either one in here, but I will give a little background and if you are interested you can PM me and I'll send you a file, and everything.

    I have 1 horror short film. Probably will be around 5-10 minutes depending on how much cinematics you want to apply to the film. It is the one that is not 100% ready.

    The other is a dramatic short that is 100% ready to go. Wrote this with my best friend and it is semi based off a true story we just added a spin on it. This one can be EXTREMELY emotional if made properly.

    The horror is about these kids that have decided that they want to scare one of their younger friends when he comes over to their house for a small get together. To their surprise their friend actually decided to do something else buy never contacted them. Also to their surprised two young adults thought that the young boys were out, along with their parents and they were going to have an easy robbery in their hands. When they go into the house they realize the boys are home. With the use of the thief's hand held camera, they decide to record themselves torturing the boys.

    The drama is basically about this kid who is very good at becoming lucid when he sleeps, the only problem is he begins to love the dream more than reality, which causes him to become very depressed with his real life.

    This is mainly due to the fact that his girlfriend of 3 years had died in a car crash 6 months ago, and every night since then he has met her in a lucid dream.

    Being able to do whatever he wants in this dream and being able to spend time with her makes the young man believe if he can just end his own life in reality, he can be with her forever in this lucid dream.

    As he begins to contemplate the suicide one of his best friends (his younger brother) finds out what was really going on. A struggle to decide what he wants to do brings him to a emotional decision.

    Both of these are very detailed, and I am extremely tired while writing these, so I'm most likely very illiterate when typing this lol.

    Anyways I'd like to just sell these outright, not looking for anything too pricey, I'm moving to Pittsburgh in a month and could use the money.

    So yea, if you are wanting a closer look at either of these please message me!