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Low Budget Horror Feature -with a twist!

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  • Low Budget Horror Feature -with a twist!

    by Joe Leone

    logline: A pretty teen with a troubled past must fight a lethal group who feed on the pain of others.

    With a handicapped father and an eight year old brother to care for, life is not so easy for Tasha. Add to that the fact that she is trying to squeeze in college courses around her busy work schedule. When the murder rate in her small town starts to escalate, Tasha takes note. Though it is only when she meets certain individuals in her Psychology class that she starts to see a possible connection. Tasha is curious about a good looking rebel in the class, David, and inquires about him to her new friend Darcia. Darcia tells her to stay away at all costs, as he is extremely dangerous. This only piques Tasha's interest further, and she agrees to go on a date with David. His true nature is exposed, and Tasha barely escapes with her life. The further she digs into this odd group that David is a member of, the more unsettling information she uncovers. These people, who feed off of the pain of regular people, are having their own conflicts; a Blond Haired Man has come into town and is disrupting their normal way of life. He feeds solely on emotional pain and is very brazen in his tactics. The Blond Haired Man is very charming and befriends Tasha. He has a bevy of information on the Pain Feeders and Tasha reluctantly agrees to accept his help. When she finally sees the Blond Haired Man for who he truly is, it may be too late for her, and her entire town. The key to defeating them all lies in Tasha's past...a secret of her own that she must finally find the courage to face if she is to prevail.


    Joe Leone