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The Graver (Low Budget Horror Feature Film)

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  • The Graver (Low Budget Horror Feature Film)

    I have a low budget horror screen play avaible called THE GRAVER
    Pages: 91
    Film Locations: Four
    Woods, Abandon Road, Old Gas Station, Cabin all in the same area.
    Total Cast of Actors, Supporting Actors, and Extras: Nine
    Male: Five
    Female: Four
    Synopsis: Five Young Adults get away for the weekend to a cabin in a small town that is cursed by a demon who thrieves on bloodshed and terror.
    Horror Effects: Minium Mostly Blood, Fake Body Parts and A little light effects.
    Film can be filmed anywhere remote and islotated.

    Video Teaser Trailer:

    [ame=]The Graver Teaser Trailer for Screen Play - YouTube[/ame]

    I am a team player and willing to do rewrites if nessasry.
    The script is non registered and the budget would not be high.
    If intrested you can email me at: mrpdhouse[at]
    thank you
    Patrick House.
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