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    A classic gothic horror story set in the Old West.

    LOGLINE: A gang of ruthless bandits on the run from the law stumble upon a mysterious town inhabited by werewolves.

    SYNOPSIS: Its 1883 and Johnny Scovel and his gang are on the run from a posse after one of the biggest bank robberies and massacres in Arizona history. While attempting to reach the Mexican border, the gang comes across an isolated town in the middle of the desert. What appears at first blush to be a paradise in the wilderness soon becomes a place of mystery, as the townspeoples attempt to hide a terrifying secret. As the outlaws conspire to take over the town, the rising of the full monn and Johnny’s slow descent into megalomania and madness culminates in a night of unspeakable horror.

    This is a feature-length screenplay. WGA registered. It can be shot on a budget with limited locations. A desert location would be ideal.

    Feel free to contact me if interested.
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