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Feature Length Action/Drama w/Female Lead

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  • Feature Length Action/Drama w/Female Lead

    “MS. TOHSENO” revolves around Alison Warner and the revenge she seeks on the two men who raped her and killed her baby, and the mysterious trainer who helps her find vengeance.

    Alison is a young woman, recently widowed when her police officer husband, Mike, is killed by friendly-fire while on duty. Alison struggles to cope with her new life without her husband. The only thing she has keeping her going is her unborn child.

    One night, Alison, unable to sleep, ventures off to the laundromat to wash clothes because her washer is broken. Two men confront her there and sexually assault her in her own car. She wakes up a few days later in a hospital only to find the doctors had to abort her baby in order to save Alison’s life.

    Alison’s nurse, Jean, calls upon an old friend, the mysterious Mr. Tohseno, to help Alison through her struggles. Mr. Tohseno is an older black man with chronic throat cancer who has a history of violence and tragedy in his own life that is explored through flashbacks as Alison’s story progresses.

    Mr. Tohseno tracks down Alison with mysterious notes as she searches for the men who assaulted her and a means to attain revenge. He makes her undergo intense training sessions before he will help her in her search.

    MS. TOHSENO is a present-day, dramatic action feature about a woman who doesn’t know how to simply be herself, and a man who has a lot of regret who’s trying to help her do just that.

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