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The Ultimate Report- a 20-page drama script

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  • The Ultimate Report- a 20-page drama script

    Log line: A famous, human rights activist kills to keep men from her beautiful daughter who suffers from extreme anxiety.

    Synopsis: In a bid to revamp his dying news paper agency, a single-dad, journalist accepts an offer to expose the dark deeds of a bar that secretly steals human organs from drug-induced clients who wish to receive sexual favours from the dancers there. He succeeds and returns with the story that revitalizes the paper. Once home, he re-encounters a young woman who had reacted strangely at a restaurant he once visited. Unknown to him and anyone else, she is the daughter of the famous human rights activist, Mildred Threshold. He teaches her how to control her fears and she befriends him. Later, her mum, who keeps a constant eye on her through her informants discovers her new-found obsession, the journalist, and thinks she’s beginning to drift away from her protection. Consequently, his six-year-old son dies from supposedly chocking while eating at school. The man mourns for a while then begins to get suspicious thus visits the girl at home one day. There, he discovers that she’s related to the activist, leading him to investigate the lives of all the men who had once befriended her. His investigations reveal the worst; all the men had suffered similar fates. Concluding that her mum might be behind it, he tells her and they hatch a plan to expose her…
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