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    I just finish to wrote this story inspired int the Cabinet of Dr Caligari, you know surreal, dark. The principal theme is mesmerism but also got things related to Frankenstein and Edgar A. Poe. Here the synopsis:

    Inspired in The cabinet of Dr Caligari. Germany. 1839. Walter a doctor of a psychiatry hospital asks for help to Hermann, a patient to help him to investigate given that has been disappears and many murders. Hermann tells the story about when he cured people with mesmeric passes in secret, Hans, a strange servant and his master, Louis, the man that appears in Hermann´s life and asked to teach him about mesmeric passes to keep alive to his fiancée until he finds a cure to bring her to life again and won´t stop for nothing until he could do it.

    Take me a lot to find the way of give the deserve honor to "The cabinet of Dr Caligari" without been similar.
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    You won´t believe the story that I would tell you

    (first sentence of my new dark script)

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