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    Title: Reciprocity
    Logline: A carnival clown attempts to win over the heart of a coworker by killing his rivals.

    Synopsis: Dante is a clown. His associates, whether they be the magicians, sideshow freaks or acrobats, look down at him as an expendable piece of trash. His talent is unnoticed say for the eyes of Irina, the beautiful contortionist whose sincerity has caused Dante's heart to be filled with love and joy.

    But one look in the mirror and Dante knows he cannot have her. He's not good enough for her, in comparison to other potential candidates.

    To get what he wants, Dante will use his cunning to trick, trap, tamper and torture his way to win over Irina's heart.

    Notes: I've attached the opening scene for people to understand the tone at which I'm going. This may be a story set in a carnival, but the gore involved will require a modest budget. Also, this is not a cheap slasher script.
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    I've completed a first draft and can send it to whomever is interested.