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  • Sale: Item Pre-Order Lord of Tears: The Collector's Edition today!

    Hey there you guys, I recently got on board with a project called Lord of Tears. Lord of Tears is a dark, creepy Scottish horror film that follows a school teacher named James Findlay, who, as a boy, discovered a creature that appeared to be an incredibly tall owl that stood upright, but was dressed in Victorian gentleman's attire. The film stars legendary actor David Schofield, and has gotten lots of attention from horror news coverage sites, such as!

    So anyway, this Kickstarter page was launched to help complete post-production, and I'm very proud to announce that we're well past our original goal! Many cool perks are being offered and there's only 2 weeks left, so act

    Pre-order the Collector's Edition DVD before the campaign ends, and let me know when you do, as for every one of these I sell, it kinda helps me out a bit. :) You can check out the trailer and the pitch video at:

    Thanks a ton,

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    Good Note on the prefix issue, I have corrected it for you. Prefixes are needed in the Buy/Sell/Trade section only. This topic is about kickstarter so it belongs in the Kickstarter/IndieGoGo section, but I will let this one ride out and see how it goes. I also embedded the project for you.
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      Yeah I was wondering where I should post this, as both seemed like it could work. Thanks Nick.