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  • Script For Sale Script for sale "Entitled" Two location script

    My name is Russell Davis. I have six full length scripts, two shorts , song lyrics, a T.V. pilot, a book, and ghost wrote a film called Senior Cut Day. I have also done freelance journalism for a tabloid and magazine company called the G.O.O.D.S. magazine in San Diego.

    Iím writing this post to see if anyone is interested in helping me sell or purchase my thriller script called Entitled. It is a low budget film about three people waking up in a room with no doors or windows. They notice a casket at the far side of the room with three locks and a timer counting down. They must figure out why they are there and what happens when the timer reaches zero. The film can be made with a low budget. It is a two location film with only four speaking characters. If interested in purchasing, I'm willing to sell the script for $2,000 with a writers or story credit. You can reach me at xzilez26[at] The synopsis is below.

    Genre: Thriller

    Three people wake up in an isolated room with no windows or doors. Shawn and Paul are desperate to get out and are looking for clues to why they are there. They notice a woman who isnít showing any signs of waking up, no matter how hard they try. Soon they discover a casket with three locks and a timer attached to it. Materials begin to appear and disappear at a whim. This confuses them greatly and makes them question their life choices. Things begin to go bad to worse when the woman wakes up and they realize something has taken her voice. As the timer counts down they are tested by a supernatural force that enjoys playing mind games and stealing their senses. They must figure out what it wants before the timer reaches zero and the entity rises.

    The script features strong language, brief nudity, disturbing images, and strong violence. If interested please contact me. The full script is available upon request.

    Thank you,