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  • Kings&queen

    A finished story with part of script done,...for producers to work on it.

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    Any chance you could post a bit more info?
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      Arkad a daughet of Nak a warlord from the league of warlords is seeking vengance to the three kings whom plot the assasinations of her father and the league due to the fear of war that they were afraid to lose against the league,the same one that fought to put them to rule and power....

      During the time of great kings,The great three kingdoms MADKA,GASLAK AND RUKSAH were terrorized by the rules of brutal and corrupted kings whom only rule by fear and bloodshed among their power and weak kingdoms,the era was to be stopped legions were formed led by ancient league of high trained warriors 'the battle took long enough to victory,the three kings fall,peace was once again restored and the league was no longer needed,as the oath the league stands for since it ancient time of never to come between the higher power,only to serve and create power,the warriors were no longer bound to serve untill next call......
      Nak as all other league warriors took his way back home,to his small house in west to continue his farming life...After his return to his ordinary living NAK's wife gave birth,two childs but only one was to live a she baby a he twin went along with the mother to afterlife,NAK live on raisind his daughter and training her to live by the sword, his heart believing that the legacy of his family in the league was over,only first male of each lad of the league was the ones to carry on the legacy of their fathers

      After years of peace the rulers of the three kingdoms were un-worthy to wear the thrones,the fear to the uprising led to the assasination of all members of the league and their families,....but they missed one,the one that they should've not miss.

      "I have write it inform of both series and movie."


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        Yes,I have put it in a long way already,...