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Cinecta Mx-1 steadycam for DSLR cameras

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  • Cinecta Mx-1 steadycam for DSLR cameras

    Hi all,

    Here is the Cinecta Mx-1 steadycam.
    The Cinecta Mx-1 camera stabilizing system was specifically developed for DSLR cameras. It can be used for any camera as long as it weighs less than 2 kilograms.
    Technical details:
    - Complete set weight (vest, arm, sled (without extra weights)): 4.7 kg
    - Boom range (distance between the arm’s highest and lowest position): 45 cm
    - Maximum camera weight (total with lens & accessories): 2 kg
    - Sled total length: 63 cm
    - Diameter of cable channel in center post: 22 mm
    - Stage unit dimensions: 150x111 mm
    - Inner diameter of gimbal handle: 16 mm, (industry standard 16mm mounting socket)

    Full kit price: 899 € - VAT included (27% hungarian VAT), net price: 708 €.

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    Looking forward to getting a price on this

    EDIT** How many do you have available?


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      You can see the price and other details on the website.
      Full kit price - € 899
      There are many available. The stock is variable of course.
      Please contact us on the website.


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        There is no website,

        Also I don't think you are allowed to post websites, I think that is considered advertising.

        How much is 899 for US $?


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          Yes, but you can see the website under the logo on the picture.
          € 899 vat included (so included 27% hungarian vat)
          If your location is in USA than the price is 708 €. (Plus shipping - about 190 €.)
          So the price with shipping to USA - about 898 €. About 1200 US $.
          (Informational purposes only. If you want the exact prices, please contact us on the website.)


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            That is not that bad of a price, I paid $3,000 for mine, and it pretty much the same thing
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