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    #1 - Use keywords in Titles

    Example: Canon T2i For Sale

    **What not to do in your Title** I have a Canon t2i because i can't afford it anymore, please check it out! <-- Save this for description

    #2 Do not delete your entire post - You may update your post, for example: (UPDATE: SOLD)

    #3 If you have an item, you must post the item for sale here, no links to purchase on your website *If you have one* or ebay links.

    #4 Must have a PRICE - No "Go Here" for prices...

    #5 No Commercial/Business sales - Must be personal sales only, if you are a business and would like to advertise please use the "Contact Us" Link

    Tips for new Buy/Sell/Trade section

    We understand that doesn't have much traffic yet, but don't be discouraged from posting an item for sale, posting your item in will get indexed by search engines and you can possibly get additional traffic from that, just post your item and leave it (you can always add SOLD) when you want.
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