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  • Sight - (Short Drama)

    Hello all,

    I have a newly-completed drama short available entitled, SIGHT. Its somewhat-longer logline follows:

    To calm a young man's nerves at an eye appointment, a blind old man shares his story of the final days before all went dark in his world - explaining how he came to realize what he missed seeing most was not the Grand Canyon, nor the City of Lights, but instead, his wife.

    This is quite a radical script, with a goal of forcing the viewer into the blind man's world. Half of the script is set in flashbacks to the days before he became completely blind, while half resides within the doctor's office.

    However, like our old man, the doctors office scenes are all completely dark and black. Because of this, we truly hear what the old man and the young man say, and are periodically relieved with scenes from the past - all of which lead to a great, uplifting twist ending.

    Anyone who's interested in reading the script can contact me here or send me an e-mail at matt.cubberly[at]


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    How many pages, How much, PM?


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      i have purchased from Mcubb, great seller
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