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  • Thriller Genre Scripts Wanted


    We are producing a slate of movies within the thriller genre ($1.5-Million and under), similar to such films as Phone Booth, The Negotiator, Panic Room, Buried, etc., and in search of good material. Please send any scripts that you think may be a good fit.

    You can email me at david[at]

    Thank you.

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    Any ideas on price. What will the writer get in return?


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      It depends on the writer (WGA or non-WGA), final budget and a few other scenarios. Plus there is always some negotiation involved.


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        Well I have one that I think would fit pretty well perfectly for what you are searching for. But before I would get the final touches on it and send it your way I would want to kind of get a pretty good grip on what could be potentially made on it.


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          That is what lit agents are for, they can gage what they think you can get in the open market for your script. I'm simply offering an opportunity to have producer's look at your script and if they are interested would be looking to option your script and which point you can negoitiate your asking price.


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            Well I might be sending you a PM shortly. Are there any other types of scripts that you are interested in genre wise?


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              I know there is lots of script writer here, im sure you would get higher quality scripts if you posted a bit more info about yourself, just my opinion. Very cool that people are still wanting scripts now days. I know Nick is a great person for this indie economy purchasing script on here all the time.