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  • Graves Of The Unknow

    Logline: Just as Jason Vorhees has come and gone. A new killer has awaken to bring terror to anyone who comes into his neck of the woods.

    Query: A group of college kids head to a secluded spot in the mountians for the weekend to get away from the everyday life of school. What they didn't know, is there has been a killer lurking in that area for years waiting for new prey. They come across a grave yard of three wooden crosses, showing them no respect. Only to awaken an evil they've never seen before. An evil that won't stop until the trespassers have had their last breath. With every death a cross is added and the crosses just keep adding up. What started out to be a weekend getaway, has become a nightmare. A nightmare that no one can escape.
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    How many pages? What size budget?


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      Sounds nice : )


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        It's 61 pages. I want it to be around 90 but since this is my first script I'm hoping to run into someone that could add his or her own touch into making it a feature film. I'm not familiar with how the budget works. But I believe it could be done real cheap. No special effects are needed. There are 8 characters. But they vanish quickly.


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          If anyone is interested I would like another writer to look at it. It would be great to have someone with experience look at it and put his or her two sense in. I have someone asking for a treatment and to be honest I have no idea how to write a treatment. In other words, is anyone interested in being my partner on this one?


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            I have a co writer, so this is off the market until I make it better and make it 90+ pages. When I say you guys are gonna love it, I mean it. Especially if your a horror junky like myself.