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Important General Discussion Users must read.

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  • Important General Discussion Users must read.

    Filmmaker Forum General Discussion Rules

    I do not care what you talk about, this is the chat lounge, it is for chatting

    Anyone who uses inappropriate language, threatening other members, or is disrespectful to the moderation staff will receive the following discipline.

    1st offense, 10 day suspension
    2nd offense 30 day suspension
    3rd offense, permanent suspension. (appeal at 6 months)

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    Mikie Robins

    Hi there,

    My name is Mikie and I'm a 37yr old VO artist/Actor/Musician/Writter from the UK and I'd love to be part of your community. Thing is, as I tried to register I needed to enter the name of a 'Referrer', but I don't have one.
    Because I'm new to VO I'd really like to be able to offer my services for free (depending on the size of the job) for the first few pieces of work. I have a home studio and use high quality equipment so am able to complete work for anyone, anywhere in the world.
    I'd like to talk more with you all and hopefully get involved in some great projects.
    Hopefully hear from you soon!

    Many thanks



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      Thank you for the clear guidelines, un4givn85. I will try to stick to the rules.