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Which of these two cameras would you recommend me?

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  • Which of these two cameras would you recommend me?

    Hey everyone!

    Im making my first moves in becoming a director and want to buy my first camera.
    After researching throughly i stumbled upon the Panasonic Lumix G70 which has me very interested in buying it.

    The thing is, I also have the opportunity to buy the Nikon D5300 SLR for 200 Euros only.

    Any answer is much appreciated!

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    Wow well, you cannot go wrong, either way, personally I would go with the Nikon, however, I am used to shooting with DSLR cameras like the Nikon so my opinion will obviously be biased. With that said, look into attachments and stuff, it is way cheaper and easier to buy attachments for Mirrorless Cameras like the G70 while buying similar attachments for DSLRs gets alot more expensive.


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      First off, think you very much for your reply!

      I am really drawn by the 4K ability the Lumix has. Since i only want to film, I think im gonna go with the Lumix, although the Nikon makes really crisp pictures. The expensive attachments is what would make it a clear choice for me although I would only pay 200 bucks for the nikon which sounds like a good deal.

      Hmm, decisions, decisions..


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        Again neither option is bad!


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          You have to buy lenses for each. With the Nikon you can get a used Nikkor 18-55mm lens for about $125 and a used Nikkor 55-300mm lens for about $250. With the 1.5x crop factor the equivalent focal lengths will be 27mm-450mm. I don't know what the lenses will cost for the Lumix, but they won't be any cheaper. The only other attachment you will need is a tripod and editing software, whih costs the same for either camera. 4K is a big plus with video. Another option is a fixed lens bridge camera like the Nikon Coolpix B700 with 4K video. I bought one last Christmas used for $320. The 4K video is very good. The sound is surprisingly good, though I generally use a separate stand alone recorder and mic for audio.


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            Please let us know what is your budget and what you are looking for.
            DMC G70 is a Mirrorless and, is introduced in the year 2015. So, we can say, it is fairly latest. Also, there is a difference in the viewfinders used in both cameras. D5300 has an optical viewfinder, where in DMC G70 is equipped with an elcctronic viewfinder.
            Other than these, I would consider D5300 over DMC G70 anyday.


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              I hope you have bought, but I have Nikon D5300 SLR, and its too good.