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Currently Traveling the Country in a Van - And Filming it All

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  • Currently Traveling the Country in a Van - And Filming it All

    Hey all, hope everyone is doing well! So I thought I would hop on here and start a thread (a little late) just in case anyone wanted to keep up with a little adventure I'm currently on with my brother.

    After graduating college, we both decided to take a break and travel the country, filming and photographing the entire experience so we could remember the trip forever. We are living in a van our grandfather owns and so far, its been a blast.

    I will keep this post updated. Please be sure to check us out, comment, subscribe, whatever you feel. We would love the support.

    Feel free to ask any questions!

    Most recent video:

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    Are you eating up too much time of your adventure with editing and blogging? Shoot your adventure, but edit and such later. Don't spend you free time (respite from college) by burdening yourself. Enjoy your time, there isn't going to be much.



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      I like life behind a lens. And we aren't pouring our entire days into this or anything. Just a little filming here and there. Really no technique behind it or anything. Just quick pick-up shots and such....would never put this on a reel or anything!

      New episode is here!


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        I did this same thing in 2011 but dressed up like a Big Foot and started hopping concert gates to get interviews with celebrities.

        It was ten months before Cartoon Network's Adult Swim contacted me and solicited a pilot, after they heard of what we were doing.

        That project started my entire career.