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6 Year Old Transgender WTF?

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  • 6 Year Old Transgender WTF?

    I've heard about this new form of parenting where the kid runs the family. I've seen insane-should-not-be-allowed-to-be-parents on TV talking about "I ask my child what they feel like today, a boy or a girl, and whatever they say, that's what they are".

    Someone should just beat me over the head with a baseball bat, because I can't even imagine what this fucked up country is going to look like 20 years from now. People like this shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

    A six year old girl goes to daycare for 4 months when her parents inform the school the girl is transgender and wants to be known as a boy. So they did. When kids called her a boy, she said no I'm a girl.

    When the fuck do we let children decide what gender they are? If you got a cock you're a boy, a vagina you're a girl. When they get of an age where they truly understand the difference between the sexes and deep down know they're of the opposite sex, then they can be called transgender. Until that time when they're minds are developed the fucking shit head parents should do exactly that PARENT.

    Holy shit people are fucked up, and they're fucking up their kids.

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    I understand your passion.

    .....and with less vulgarity, I pretty much agree.



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      And Bruce Jenner is woman of the year


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        I don't really see how this is a "kid-runs-the-family" kind of ordeal. Though I do agree that 6 may be early, it's no reason to reinforce a "no you're ____" situation. Having them identify with the gender they want seems fine; you can teach kids about genitals regardless, so its not like they'd be confused about it.

        Generally, hormone therapy and surgery at young ages is what worries me.

        Originally posted by Mick Scarborough View Post
        And Bruce Jenner is woman of the year
        Right... That's quite rude you; whether you agree or disagree Caitlyn Jenner deserved the award, she is a woman.
          ✄ ┈┈┈ ʌᴎᴅ - ʍ.ʍ.