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    I love the original 3. I haven't seen them in years, and only remember the highlights.

    I saw the first prequel and was completely unimpressed. So, I never saw the last two.

    However, I bought cheap the 3 prequels and I'm looking for cheap copies of the original saga. Since I don't know how long it's going to be before I find the originals at a good price -

    Does it matter that I don't remember the original three? Without giving away spoilers, are there plots and characters that will be better fleshed out by knowing the outcome of the original saga?

    I still have 125 blu rays waiting to be viewed. So, I'm not in a rush. But, for some reason I'm in the mood to watch them.

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    Not really. The events in the prequals (2nd three much later films) do a small job of explaining some minor things you saw in the first like how Vader got effed up but nothing you wont recall immediately. You can watch the second 3 without the originals just fine. You will just appreciate he originals that much more because the second three are aimed at audiences aged 12 to 15.


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      I was thinking about the originals, and I remembered -

      1980 I was reading The Empire Strikes Back while waiting for Elton John to perform in Central Park. Later, at Penn Station an unknown Joan Jett was in Penn Station and I got her to autograph my book.


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        The original 3 movies are being released in their ORIGINAL form, before George made any changes at all. Wait for those to come out in order to relive what we experienced the first time.



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          What did they change of the originals?


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            Little nitpicky things that don't really matter. George Lucas has been screwing with them since he became a billionaire, but the story is essentially the same. Some practical effects have been replaced with crappy looking CG and a few deleted scenes were added. I would definitely recommend watching the other two prequels as I hated the first one.


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              I did forget to mention that I saw the entire Star Wars saga when I was 12 years old. So...I totally not biased at all!


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                Well, I was there when the originals were in the theaters. Even the first one changed my life and made me want to be a filmmaker once I found out how everything was done.

                "Little nitpicky things that don't really matter."

                To someone who was not part of the original experience I can understand that perspective.

                For those of us who were there.....the original release of the original 3 movies made the saga what it is. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi were as big at the time of their release as ever. After that, due to changes (tweaks) that Lucas made to the films with their release on video, we have never been able to see those original films, as we saw them the first time, again. The versions that created the Star Wars empire. This means the way we experienced those movies was something we could never have again.

                Last year someone spent countless hours researching every difference and re-created the film from VHS tapes and other sources, color grading clips the way they were originally, and made an "original" version himself. People have scrambled for this and Disney understands the demand and the void that there is for these versions.

                Now, everyone who was not even born when those movies were released can see what we saw in 1977, 1980, and 1983. It is a glimpse into the past, a piece of history. Star Wars, and George Lucas, changed the film industry forever. Want to know how? Now you can see it.

                Sure, the tweaks did not change the story, but they did change the experience.

                Some of the masks used in the Cantina scene are pretty crude. That is because Rick Baker fell very ill and was not able to crank out the work that was needed for the scene, so he sent those masks that he already had on hand so that the scene could be shot. It wasn't what was planned, and it wasn't optimal, but the film still became a landmark film in history even with this detriment.

                The original film was almost killed, 3 times. I mean "20th Century Fox sent a messenger to Lucas to tell him he was done" killed.

                Knowing these things about the movies makes them even more enjoyable, at least to me.



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                  Whoa whoa whoa...I did not mean for you to take that comment like you did.

                  Whenever I make a film I put as much energy and time into it as I can in order to deliver the best possible end product. When the film is complete...I stop working on it. It is futile for me to spend anymore time working on something that's already done.

                  I think George Lucas is a genius and an idiot in one. He literally created an entire universe when he made Star Wars. But he doesn't understand how many people truly love his creation. In his mind these changes he's made to the films have improved them, when in reality its just pissed off people like you and me. In my mind the changes he's made are about as nitpicky as nitpicky can get, since there was no need for the changes in the first place. I'm kinda surprised that he hasn't already tried to remake the originals. It also proves how insecure he is about what he's made in the past. What is done is done, he needs to quit screwing with it.

                  Then again, if you're a billionaire you can basically do whatever you want. Even if it means selling off your reputation to a money grabbing company that only concerns itself with making a profit. Too many movie franchises have gone down the toilet because of a few bad sequels that have tainted the film's good image in people's minds. Terminator is a perfect example of this.

                  I think that most of the film industry has lost creativity. All I see is sequels prequels and remakes. There are the occasional goodies like Inception.
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                    By the way...screw Disney


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                      I have on VHS the Star Wars Trilogy Widescreen special edition. I opened it years ago, but never watched the movies. Will these be the original versions or versions that Lucas made changes to?


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                        The Special Edition movies are the ones that got all the new CGI. You will be missing out.

                        As soon as the re-release of the originals come out I will be buying them, binging on them, and relishing in the perfect imperfections, the color grading, my's a genetic thing. :P



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                          Krimzon Wolf, thanks for the elaboration.