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  • Bringing the digital age to everyday life

    I just saw a commercial for a system where you can lock your car, open of lock your front door, put on lights in the house, and do all kinds of things straight from your cell device.

    What they don't say is, anyone who hacks into your system can do the same exact thing. Which means if you lock your door and put on your alarm, thieves can turn off your alarm and open your front door. They don't even have to break a window.

    Sometimes the old fashioned is the best way.

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    I didn't have a CD player until 1995. I didn't have a DVD until 2004. I have the entire series of Star Trek: TNG on VHS. I have never had a smart phone.

    I still use a flip.


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      I didn't buy a CD player right away. Older albums that have been transferred to CD don't sound as good as they do on vinyl. There are many artists who still love to record on tape. It does sound different.

      I bought laserdisc instead of DVD. Laserdisc does have better video quality by far versus DVD. Until I bought my home theatre projector I'd argue there is no reason to go with Blu Ray. But, on a projector, blu ray is theatre quality and DVD is just crap.

      I don't have a cell phone, never did. When we made Us Sinners I was given one by the Producer. It was never used. Karen has a flip, she puts a hundred dollars on it, and when the money expires, she'll still have about eighty on it.

      I own an android with no SIM card to check my home video when we're not home. Yes, someone could hack in and see. But, if they enter the house I'll know about it.

      I still have my VHS collection. I have films that aren't even available on DVD.