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would you take this gig if so please reply

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  • would you take this gig if so please reply

    Hi i have a job posted on elance just to get a idea of how many camera people i can get working for me. Im currently in the process of reviving a grant and will look set up a angel investor funding request once im rolling so i would like to see how much interest i can gather without paid advertising for the work needed. I will be looking to commission videos of minimum 10 hours in length for use of meditation purposes by people who mentally or physically housebound. I will pay from $5 to $10 per hour of footage. With ongoing work and a look to raising the payment amount at a later date. Videos will mainly be still of things like waterfalls, beaches, city centers etc... For now i need to know how many people i can say i have on board and willing to work also your location or if your looking to travel soon and to where. This would be a ideal gig for someone looking to go backpacking for example a way to make some cash along the way. You would need a 4k cam and mic for high quality sound.

    respond here or in elance but as im posting here your if we do end up working together your welcome to select a alternative portal for payment