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  • Anyone Ever Have This Problem?

    I bought the Chaplin Box Set from South Korea (excellent set). Christmas I pop in the first "The Gold Rush" and it does what is in the video. It won't go past the menu. They just sent me another copy today and same thing. Every other film in the set plays great. Weird.

    I guess it must be in the pressing.

    BTW: That screen (my wall) is 7.5' wide and almost 5' high. It's NICE.

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    I've had DVDs that wont play in a PC but will play in a DVD player.


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      I will have to say its because you bought it from South Korea :)

      Bummer though...
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        It's a 10 blu ray set and 20 DVDs for $150. 9 of the blu rays are beautiful, it's just The Gold Rush. But, it's the second copy. I imagine it must have been a defect during pressing. It's just strange that it seems to be only me.


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          have you tried it in another blu-ray player?


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            Yep. I have two blu ray players and they just don't work. I want to see the Gold Rush on the big screen!!!!! I just got through watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Capra - Riskin and Arthur what a combo... Last week I watched Keaton's Seven Chances about a guy that will inherit millions if he's married by 7pm on his 27th birthday. Of course he finds out the morning of his 27th Birthday. After the girl he loves shuns him, he asks his secretary. The girls of the 20s were roaring... the secretary was a hot little number. During the special features it was pointed out she was Jean Arthur. Didn't recognize her at all. I love her.


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              LOL These days a guy could easily find a girl to marry him in one day if millions were coming.