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The Man Who Knew Too Much Restaurant Scene

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  • The Man Who Knew Too Much Restaurant Scene

    I bought the Hitchcock ultimate Collection and I just watched the Man Who Knew Too Much.

    There is an excellent scene where Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day are in a restaurant in Morocco. A couple explain to them that you pick at the food with the first three fingers of your right hand, and your left hand should stay on your lap. So, of course Stewart can't do it properly and he eventually rips a piece of chicken off with both hands. The waiter looks at him and motions with his right three fingers.

    It's very funny. They explain it's a custom in Morocco. In truth it's actually much more disgusting than that.

    A very knowledgeable and well traveled friend told me back in the 90s that in the middle east they don't have toilets like we have in America, they have holes in the ground. They squat and use the hole. They then wipe there behinds with their left hand (no toilet paper). Next to the hole is a bucket of water that is used to dunk the left hand for cleaning (no soap just water). That is the reason they only use their right to shake or eat.

    This sounds disgusting and untrue. At my last job we had a young woman who was late and came in to explain she'd been in Pakistan for two months with her husband and how she hated it. I had to ask, and before I had half a sentence she confirmed that her husband does exactly what I described. I'm sure many of those countries have probably updated their hygiene habits. But, obviously not everyone.

    I stopped along the outskirts of Paris and sure enough I went into the restroom and there was a hole a bucket and the person before me missed. Yeah, I got out of there fast.

    So, if you ever see that movie. Keep this in mind. Great flick.