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  • How to start a podcast

    Hello, I have wanted to start a podcast for a while now and I'm not sure how to get started. My current Microphone is the AudioTechnica AT2020 XLR with a blue icicle adapter. I want to have multiple people on the podcast(2-4 people) and I want a setup that can accommodate for multiple people. I'm not sure if the AT2020 is the best microphone for podcasts. Another problem I found is when using the blue icicle there is a half second delay from when I speak to when I hear my voice through the headphones. I want to monitor the sound while recording but the delay is messing me up. I would like a list of equipment I need and if I should get(mics, mixer, stands, headphones, etc)( this is for 4 people). I would also like some tips on how to properly record the podcast. thanks for the help.