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    I like to get the set list from shows I go to.

    Last week I saw Lucinda Williams at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. I was right in front of her, and after the set I reached over and grabbed the set-list. Some woman grabs my hand and says "You can't take that. You have to ask for it." OK. I looked over at the roadie and said "Can I have this?" He said "yeah" and I took it. She was pissed and called me an asshole. I saw it first. First come, first served.

    That's the first time I've ever had any incident over a set-list. And I have a shit load.

    Tonight I went to see Lucinda Williams on Long Island and again I went to get the set list. But, I wasn't the first person. But, they were hanging back. So, I tried to reach over and grab it, and this fucking 6" cowboy, grabs me and tells me to back off. He then threatened to beat the shit out of me for the set list. Neither of us got Lucinda's set-list. The roadie gave it to the person who asked first. But, I got her bassist's set list which is such large type it takes up three pages.

    This guy was huge and about 20 years younger than me. Over a set-list.