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    I saw Orange is the New Black on Netlfix, then read the book, and just bought and watched the blu ray. Then I thought of a story from the book that I thought was part of the show. So, I thought maybe I missed an episode on the blu ray. But, I didn't.

    Does the following sound familiar? If so, what the hell is it from.

    Two inmates are taken from prison to work on a commanding officer's house.They're left there by themselves. But, they don't leave. Instead they're standing out in front of the house and a guy (or woman) passes by walking a dog. I'm pretty sure he waves at them. Moments later a van pulls up and takes the lead inmate with them. They drive down to a river where a bunch of other inmates or people are working on stuff. The lead inmate just stares at the water.

    This is a story that's in the book Orange is the New Black. But, it's not from the show.

    Any ideas?