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    If you're good at math, you might find this amusing. Or if you have a good work ethic, you might find this amusing.

    I work for a storage company and while most of the work takes place in an office, we do have to clean units and buildings.

    I'm the assistant manager who has been at this site since September, and I've been with the company for over 2 years.

    The managers I've worked with never do their fair share of cleaning. In March my Manager got reamed out and almost fired. Starting April 1st she decided not to talk to me anymore. So, we pretty much haven't spoken since the beginning of April. I spoke to our district manager on April 22nd and he said he'd stop by and have a chat with us.

    Here's where the math comes in. We're suppose to evenly divide the outside work. Which she's done nothing in months.
    On April 26th I made a list of all the empty units and their square footage.

    It came out to 50 units and 5075 sf.

    I cleaned and tagged as of yesterday 38 units totaling 3575 sf.

    Which left 12 units and 1500 sf.

    Our District Manager sat us down and asked us if we had any complaints. She went first, and after she was done, I went into the she doesn't do her fair share of cleaning.

    How did it end?

    On three separate occasions during our meeting, I was told I wasn't a team player and should quit. When I refused to clean the last 12 units, it was agin reiterated that I wasn't a team player and should quit. When I said I clean buildings, my district manager jumps up and says "lets go check" which I said "Ok". He then says "If I find one piece of paper on the floor you'll quit right now".

    He never once questioned her on what she's cleaned or even does during the day. She's a quiet team player.

    I think it's time to look for a new job.

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    Ridiculous things like this are what led me to self-employment.


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      Sounds like there is conversation between the district manager and the current manager about you already before he showed up. There is definitely something between them whether platonic or non platonic that you are not a part of.

      So I'm guessing there was no paper on the floor?


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        When he said "One piece of paper" that's verbatim, I knew I was fucked. It was then that I just gave in and said "do what you want". I have a higher up I can go to. But, I just want to be sure when I get fired I can collect unemployment. I don't want to get screwed on that.

        NHummel: I wish I could think of something I'd like to do for self-employment. Music and movies is for me being artistic, and making money at it is literally the last thing I think about. I'd like to make money at it. But, until this last project, it was always foremost about having fun and being artistic. I actually enjoy the routine of going to work. It's weird.


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          Follow Up: On Friday my Manager and I got into an argument about who was going to clean what and I got "suspended" pending investigation. Or in other words, the person who does all the day to day work, is polite, helpful and friendly to the customers was fired.

          If I'm not fired, and they call me back. How should I feel about the unprofessional way I've been treated throughout?

          The best was, I contacted the head of HR who decided it would be best for the company to say "You do whatever your DM tells you." When I responded the DM said "The split was 50/50". He said "It doesn't matter. Whatever he tells you at that time is what you have to do".


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            Sounds like a crappy place to work. Take the opportunity to move to better pastures.