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    The Library by Steven Burns made it's debut at The Public Theatre and it's drawing card was "Hit Girl/Carrie" Chloe Grace Moretz. As soon as I read that she was making her Off-Broadway debut, I grabbed a ticket for the first Saturday night after it officially opened. I had the aisle seat in row B which oddly enough turned out to be the front row.

    Curtain time was 7:30pm and at 7:15 I asked the usher why they weren't opening the doors. He told me they opened them about ten minutes before curtain, and I'd know why once I was inside. It was true. There was no curtain and Moretz was laid out on a table front and center while the audience found their seats. They had ushers on either side in the front who acted like bodyguards in case anyone tried to do anything to the young starlet. I heard she has quite a few stalkers and doesn't come out and sign autographs for that reason. It was funny, she was suppose to lie still. But, kept scratching her face and arm. She'd stretch her toes and do other little exercises. She is only 17 and I guess it's hard to remain still for even a minute.

    This is not a large theatre, and I found it quite odd there was a speaker sitting right in my face. Sure enough everyone was mic'd. The repertory company I worked for was larger than this theatre and the actors projected. That's what actors do. I found mic'd actors to be a wasteful distraction.

    Since Moretz was the drawing card, and I already knew that it was roughly 100 minutes long with no intermission, I didn't even bother to look through the playbill except to see the actors photos. To see if I recognized anyone else. This cheap ass playbill didn't even have a headshot page, and when I mentioned it "jokingly" to the body guard usher, he just glared at me. So, imagine my surprise when the following cast came out -

    Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein) played Moretz's mother.
    Michael O'Keefe played her father.
    But, the one that really got me because I absolutely love her is Lili Taylor played a victim's mother.

    Taylor I recognized immediately and her voice is unmistakeable.
    Westfeldt I had to look up (it's difficult without my reading glasses).
    O'Keefe kind of looked familiar. But, was so AWFUL I kept thinking to myself "why did they hire such a terrible actor?" He sucked.

    The play itself is about a school shooting where Moretz is shot, but survives. A young boy who was in the Library when it happened told authorities that Moretz was asked by the shooter where everyone was hiding, and to save herself told him. He then went and shot everyone in the hiding place. So, she's a pirhana, and another girl Joy (Taylor plays the Martyr's mother) a Christian who lead a group in prayer before being shot and killed. Moretz becomes a further outcast when she denies being the traitor and instead points the finger at a girl who was singing, stopped singing to rat out the hiders and then was shot and killed. While Moretz never names Joy, the papers say Moretz named Joy and all hell breaks loose. You should be able to easily guess the final outcome as it was apparent 2 minutes into the performance.

    The topic of school shootings has been immortalized in quite a few movies and now this crappy play. None of them bring the subject matter to life. They've all been cheap exploitation of an epidemic that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

    What a waste of talent.

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