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  • My Home Theatre Screen

    Yes, I take lousy photos and I look awful in them. But, my projection screen is really cool.

    It's 7.5' x 4.5', 5.1 surround sound system. It will make any movie 3D and 3D movies look exceptional on it. We haven't had the need to go to the movies since getting this two Christmas' ago (it took me all this time to take a picture).

    It's on this projection that I learned the difference between blu-ray and DVD. Oh man is there a difference.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nothing can replace the theater experience! I mean, c'mon, the massive amounts of oily popcorn, the loud annoying people behind you that won't stop talking, the volume that's never quite right, the -

    I'm going to go buy a projector I think.


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      That's why we don't go anymore. We used to go to Pixar or Disney flicks. But, that's no longer necessary.

      They're not expensive. My brother bought an Epson 8350 (I think that's the model) on sale it's under $1000. How much do people spend on a flat screen TV of what is considered a decent size? A surround sound system can be bought for about $150 at Walmart.

      If I wanted, I can watch TV on it. I do use it for Netflix streaming. It's the best. When I play concert films... WOW!

      I have a popcorn maker and I melt "real" butter... I drink beer, eat popcorn, M&Ms, Twizzlers, and every other crap food you can think of. The best part is, I buy blu rays for less than it costs to go to the movies.

      It's worth it. It just hasn't caught on with the masses.

      The only downside (if there's any) is the replacement bulb is about $300. They supposedly last about 4000 hours. But, they do diminish over time. So, every couple of years it'll cost to replace the bulb. But, the enjoyment...


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        High UAI,
        I found upscaled DVD's on a Blu-ray was a pretty good compromise, but that's on a flatscreen, I'm guessing that at your screen size, there's quite a difference.


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          There are very few DVDs that play well on this projector. The pixelation is outrageous in some spots. But, Blu-Rays are like being in a movie theatre. They're perfect.

          For years I refused to get a blu-ray player because I never saw the difference when watching on a store flat screen. I mean, I saw it as Disney tried to pawn off blu-ray as the next big thing, and of course in the process make more money. Then I put one of my DVDs through the projector and it's like "Now I get it".

          My big problem now is many of my cult favorites aren't available on blu-ray yet. Since many of them were not financial successes they probably never will be.

          I also put off for years buying a flat screen. I hate flat screen tv. We have a 32" or 42" flat screen in our living room and a 19" old fashioned TV in our bedroom, and I watch the 19" all the time. The HD picture does nothing for me. I think old tubes look much better.


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            Tube TV's were always capable of putting out much better definition, like you I still have a widescreen one. our tv's put out 625 line standard broadcast compared to around 500 lines for DVD+ and a bit more for pre-recorded films on DVD. trouble was there was no interface to cram HD in there, just scart connects.
            I think the SKY channels are slightly higher def because even on standard def, their pictures have a bit more sparkle to them, getting back to your system it sounds great but right now I'd rather have a faster computer and some new mics!