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Taken and Law Abiding Citizen

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  • Taken and Law Abiding Citizen

    If you haven't seen these films, SEE THEM.

    I just got through seeing Taken for the ??? time. I still SCREAM at the screen "Kill the mother fuckers", "Die Bitches", "Cut off his balls and shove them down his throat cunt", amongst other moronic quotes. I jump up and down and give the finger to the screen on all the right occasions.

    If there were a Dr in the room taking my blood pressure during these movies, they'd have them turned off and banned. I think I lose weight while watching.

    God I love good revenge films.

    It all started with Death Wish.

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    Taken was pretty good, great action/thriller... same with Death Wish. I didn't care for Law Abiding Citizen though, I thought it lacked in substance and really any element or character that made me want to keep watching.


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      They were both decent movies. I feel like Law Abiding Citizen was better, but honestly I don't really care for either of them when it comes to a film standpoint.

      Not my cup of tea.


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        Most films like this are an acquired taste. For me, these two were excellent examples of revenge thrillers.

        Law Abiding Citizen's characters weren't outstanding. It was the way he killed each person and how it was being done. Of course, given his profession, you'd think he'd be more cautious opening the door.


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          You know, I've just never been a huge revenge flick fan. I like the concept, but their focus on the brutality of the revenge sometimes seem to overshadow other important aspects of the film's story. I've always liked Leon: The Professional, V for Vendetta, Kill Bill, Goodfellas, Inglorious Basterds, and well... Nightmare on Elm Street. I also like Oldboy... a bit overrated... but still a great flick.


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            Luc Beeson wrote Taken and Leon. Have you seen the unrated Leon? The relationship between Leon and Portman is disturbing to say the least. I can see why a lot had to be cut. I do like the unrated version better.


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              Yikes. Have not seen that version. I can imagine the outrage that would have been caused if they didn't cut the film down a bit in the US.


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                The international unrated version is almost 23 minutes longer, and delves deep into the sexual chemistry between this grown man and child.