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    Today I take my statement to Best Buy to pay my credit card bill. I owed them $42. I go to the register and give them the statement and tell them I want to pay in full.

    First they ask for my drivers license.

    Why? They have the statement. The account number and amount is on the statement.

    I give them my drivers license.

    Next they want my Social Security number.

    I refused to give them my social security number. They refused to accept my cash.

    I spoke to a manager who said the bank they deal with needs the number.

    What if I sent my wife in to pay for me? What if I was in a hospital. I was giving them money and they refused.

    I called the number on the back of the credit card who is not BestBuy but Citibank. They had no idea why Best Buy wanted my social security number. They gave me Best Buy's customer service number who sent me back to the bank, even though I told them the bank gave me their number. Best Buy claimed to not have anything to do with payments and the bank blamed Best Buy.

    I was on the phone for an hour where I was told I could go to Best Buy and pay without giving my social security number.

    I'll buy at BestBuy because they'll beat a lot of places prices. But, I'll never use their CC again.

    Can you imagine going into a store wanting to pay your bill, and they won't take your payment? I'd like to know what they're doing with these SS#.

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    Actually, odd note. Best Buy recently changed who handles their credit cards. The change over is very recent, so could they possibly be enforcing an old policy in the store, while the new bank doesn't really know anything about it? Mostly just a thought at random.
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      They should not have asked for your SS # that is the weirdest thing I have ever heard. They should require a ID either! If someone has a bill you are ready to pay normally they will just accept it. I would look into those employees, because that seems like some sort of scam they are running, asking for your SS # Pshhhhhh!
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