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    Iím not religious or superstitious. I do believe in karma.

    In 2011 I set out to make my second feature. Itís an excellent story. But, seen by a warped mind could have real life ramifications. But, so do half the movies being released. No, I can not change this factor. This is a major part of the story. Of course I can go to the other side of the spectrum and say this movie can make people think before they do things. But, I saw this fail first hand from someone I hired.

    This movie was HELL to try to shoot. I literally went through 2 leading ladies and 3 supports to her lead. I never got all the footage needed to make a complete movie with one single cast. I literally lost friends in the process. So, basically I have nothing.

    I finally decided to make a demo movie for the cast that showed up and did a wonderful job. They deserved it. But, I could never bring myself to finish. Itís tough spending time, money, and having nothing to show for it. The agony of seeing what might have been is depressing to say the least. Which is why I haven't been coming around movie making forums for a while.

    All of this started in 2011. At every turn there was an obstacle. Not just a little put a band aid on it, they were hills and mountains. The insanity that went on was mind-boggling. Leads not showing up, losing all their costumes (it was their own clothes), agreeing to do things and then backing out... No, nudity wasn't the issue. These people had no problem with the nudity, they were insane to say the least.

    TODAY, and I mean today 12/30/13, I decided to create a 10 minute short. Iíd spend 2014 looking for financial backing. Then make this excellent story into a proper feature. The story is that good. Iím not saying the script. But, the story kicks ass. So, I sat down and within an hour I had most of the short complete. I went to take a shower and when I returned my MAC is DEAD. I'm writing this on my cheap ASUS laptop. Iíve checked wires and everything else, and it wonít even turn on. This is an old computer, but Iíve used it every day for years. Today in the middle of making a short feature, a movie I haven't touched in months, it dies. I'd have had a movie done within hours, and now I might need a new computer.

    Should I give up? Is this "Karma" telling me to stop, as it seemed to at every turn for years?

    Again, this script was extremely hard to cast. Many actors loved the script, but found the material too disturbing to even audition. I get that. Itís suppose to be disturbing. If a sicko saw it, it could give them ideas. But, a sick mind would probably figure this out anyway.

    I donít know. Iím just baffled and confused. Are there karmic consequences for our art?

    What do you folks think?

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    No, it is not a sign that you should stop the feature. By the logic that unstable people can do harm because of art, then all art is dangerous because it could be interpreted in any way. Literally, anything. In my opinion, it is not movies that spread a warped vision of reality, but the viewers that see the movie with a warped vision of reality. If you are worried about the possible ramifications of making an intense film, I recommend that instead of worrying about what could happen, you instead put a lot of effort into marketing the film for what it is (a "sick" film) so that it is not seen by the wrong people.


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      While I don't believe in karma (sometimes bad shit just happens), I'm a little concerned about your worry for the reactions some unstable people might have to your project. Your responsibility as a filmmaker is to your vision and your project. You cannot be, in any way, responsible for the reactions unbalanced viewers have to that project.