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  • 7 Day to Die

    Anybody buy this? I bought the Alpha for the steep price of $35, but still love this game.

    If you've played minecraft then you'll get the idea, but it mixes in a zombie apocalypse scenario into it. I've had a blast playing so far! Check it out!

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    I'm am pretty pumped to be getting GTA (the latest one this weekend)

    That game looks pretty sweet, why is it titles 7 days to die?

    Is it for PC only?


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      Currently I believe it is, but they plan on a release for Mac and Linux.

      Not sure what the title has to do with any storyline yet as its in early alpha state. Right now it's mostly craft and survive. As each night progresses more and more zombies come. So in part it is a crafting style game and part tower defense, as you have to set traps and build your base up to survive the onslaught.

      Playing with friends is soooo much fun as well.


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        This game seems very interesting. But I haven't played minecraft before. So is it possible for me to understand the game and proceed further ?


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          Its pretty simple, you basically collect materials (wood, stone, ore, items) and craft other materials to build your base and make it stronger. But unlike minecraft, you have to go out and find food, water, weapons, to better your chances at survival. Watch any of the 'First Look' videos on youtube to get a better understanding.


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            Just been made aware it is also available for Mac now, so have at it.


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              Originally posted by Klay M Abele View Post
              Just been made aware it is also available for Mac now, so have at it.
              I have been following this post to see when its released for mac, now its been 3 weeks and Im not playing it yet. Very disapointed in myself.

              Cant wait to play this! I was a big minecraft fan