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  • Texting and Driving thoughts...

    After watching this

    I have this to say

    All of these accidents lately from texting and driving are caused because people are not allowed to hold their phone to their ear and talk, in fear of getting a ticket. Holding a phone up to your ear with both eyes on the road is safer then both eyes looking down and typing... I think the BlueTooth companies lobbied to ban talking while driving to increase sales of their product.

    What are your thoughts?
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    LOL I saw this on the news. I live in Hillsborough County. This is a local bus driver. I dont think it has anything to do with a ban on talking. For one, its totally legal to use the phone while you drive in Florida but texting will be illegal on Oct. 1st. The real reason texting is so prominant is because the younger generation has lost interpersonal skills. They are far more comfortable typing than they are actually speaking to people. I havent heard my daughter speak on the phone in years but its never out of her hands. She wouldnt even know if I cancelled the talk portion of her phone and just left the text. She can barely communicate a thought in words without stumbling on her words but she cant text the same thought in less than 5 seconds. As much as we love technology, I really think it does our youth quite a bit of harm if they are allowed to use it at a young age. If I could do it over, she wouldnt get texting until she was 18.


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      I think texting is MUCH worse than talking on the phone, which is often similar to talking to people in the car. Texting while driving is already illegal where I live (NJ).
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        Originally posted by Mick Scarborough View Post
        For one, its totally legal to use the phone while you drive in Florida but texting will be illegal on Oct. 1st.
        That is a law I can agree with! Not texting, but you can talk!
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          Honestly, texting and driving scares the heck out of me. I have seen tragedy happen from it, and I remember doing it before it was a big issue, and looking up and being out of the lane, or something similar. I do not do it anymore, as I said it scares me. Even when I am riding in a car as a passenger I don't like when the driver does it, and I will tell them that if they do it.

          I know the law in Georgia is very anti-texting, but you are allowed to talk on the phone. Talking and driving doesn't bother me as much if you are able to do it, I know we have all been stuck behind the person going under the speed limit, and causing traffic because they can't do both.


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            Honestly just stupid and reckless endangering so many peoples lives for just a dumb text message....