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    I used to search for reviews from the movie I made years ago. A few years ago I stopped. Some guy e-mailed me last week and asked for a screener so he could review it for his site. So, I did a search and found a neat few lines in a forum. I didn't write a word of the synopsis. It's actually better than what I had written.

    It's nice that something I did a while ago still has one or two people interested in seeing in. You don't really find that with micro/no budget cinema.

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    The above piece isn't from the guy I sent the movie to. I don't know who that is.

    This is the review from the guy I sent the movie to. He's a new writer, and I don't get the whole blog thing. But, there's some really insightful lines in the review, that most viewers never get. It's neat he did.

    Plus this is a review where he comes to a conclusion involving the movie's name which never entered my mind. But, it makes perfect sense.

    There's a scene in the movie where Tim's mother forces Magnesia down his throat. It's a messed up scene. In an older review someone mentioned what a great scene that was because Milk of Magnesia initials are MOM.

    It's things like this, that make me as the maker seem so much more clever than I actually am.

    Anyway, very nice review.