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  • What Would You Do?

    I found this while searching for you know who stuff. It's the basic facts of a story and I'm curious what you would do.

    If you read this, it's easy to respond. So, please do.

    If there's 100 views and 2 responses, I'm gonna... why you I orta.


    A black woman (married to a white male) in her mid forties has a 15 year old daughter. They live in a nice suburban neighborhood, rows of fine kept lawns. Very little crime.

    Unfortunately, there has been a rash of rapes in the neighborhood by a white male. Everyone in the neighborhood is aware. Doors and windows are locked. Of course she's vigilant and protective of her child.

    Her daughter's best friend lives just two doors down. Two friggin doors down.

    The daughter walks out the front door and out onto the sidewalk. The woman glances out her window and notices walking on the same side of the street is a white male heading toward her daughter. At some point the daughter and guy will pass.

    1) What do you think this woman did?

    2) What would you have done?

    Choice of answers.

    A) Stood there and watched to make sure the man didn't do anything to her daughter.

    B) Just shut the curtain and went about her business.

    C) Went to the door and stood there watching.

    D) Went outside and started screaming at the man.

    For Question 1 you have to choose A B C or D

    For Question 2 if what you would have done is not listed give a brief response.

    The answer to this story is fascinating.

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    1: A.

    2: I don't know!



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      1: A

      2: Ran out and walked alongside her
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        I have no idea what anyone anywhere would do.
        I would simply watch the girl.
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          37 views and 3 responses. I guess I'll leave it as no one cares or don't know what they'd do (which is sad) and let you if you're interested look up what happened. I found it.

          I'll just add to AF if you don't know what you'd do, then you'd probably just walk away. So, if your daughter was raped or murdered, your lack of taking the 5 - 10 seconds it would take be sure that white guy wasn't the rapist falls squarely on your shoulders. You could have watched (watching isn't a crime), but for whatever reason you chose not to. That's terrible parenting.


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            maybe A if the dude walking on the street was someone i recognized.
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              I haven't read the answer yet -

              I think she did (A) - I would do (D)
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                I thought this was an old topic, then I clicked on it and it was something I never read, sorry :(

                I would SHOUT!!!! RAPIST!!! RAPIST!!!


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                  I'd go with C. If she did more than that, it would be unrealistic. Actually, if it was me, I'd go outside and walk to my daughter, staring at the man to see his expression. If he tried anything, I'd kick his butt. If the woman armed?
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                    I have no way of knowing what she did because this scenario doesn't give nearly enough about her personality to discern that.

                    The scenario doesn't say if it was day or night. If it was day, I would likely do B. It if it was night, A.

                    People who answered D have to be either joking or crazy. The guy hasn't done anything and there's no indication he will.

                    C is reasonable I guess, but I think a bit over-protective when the girl is 15.
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