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  • Random Twitter Rant

    Very often I look through twitter profiles to see who to follow. Many many people have thousands and thousands of followers but only follow hundreds. Or they have twice the amount of followers than they follow. So uncool to have 150k+ followers and follow 200. What? Are they special or something? If it's a celebrity account, yeah, I understand. But these are just ordinary folks (trying to get fame or just some attention...or not).

    Maybe there is a good reason for this logic *shrugs*

    Personally, I would follow anyone who follows me whether the person's interests are different from mine or not.

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    And this is why this forum has a "friends" system instead of followers. Yay filmmaker forum!



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      I have over 1500 followers and i only follow around 170 people. The reason is, I truly only care about what my family and friends have to say. A lot of Twitter accounts really just clutter up your news feed with stuff I don't care about.


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        To this day I still don't understand twitter. I'm told it's a great tool to get the word out, raise funds for indie or kick. But, I just don't get it.

        What I have noticed is many of the bands I follow on facebook who have just released new CDs post links at least 3 - 4 times a day.Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Patty Griffin and She and Him are constantly bombarding my home page with "share a link". Leave me alone, I bought all your albums. She & Him the best. Patty's always great, just depressing. Natalie Maines, ok. She has a great voice. But, it lacks the musical ability and Production values of the Dixie Chicks. But, the best new album I've bought recently is Kacey Musgraves. EXCELLENT debut by an up and coming country artist. Next week the new Camera Obscura CD is being released. Then a summer filled with shows. I feel like I'm 50 again.


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          That's the thing about Twitter, it's about followers not friends. Also, quite a few people that follow me don't even tweet so I don't really see why I should follow them if they don't contribute. That, or they tweet things that just don't interest me as much. I'd rather have a Twitter-feed that's interesting to me than follow every single person that follows me. Mind you, I don't have 15K followers. For a more mutual friend-based social media, Facebook definitely makes more sense.


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            Twitter is mainly a tool for people promoting their services and products, or trying to achieve fame through the internet due to the large amount of traffic on the site. Sure, it's flawed in many ways, but the interface and overall structure of the site was appealing to people and caught on, and it's an effective tool to communicate with people. Like Sammy mentioned, if you're looking for a more friend-based site, Facebook is the answer. Twitter isn't a site to catch up with and make friends, it's a site to promote yourself or post random pictures or short thoughts. People want followers to either build a strong fan base, attract people to their products, or perhaps they just want attention. It's nothing to fret about, really. I personally don't follow everyone that follows me, because well, I'd rather follow people whose services or ideas I'm interested in, or I'm friends with.