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    Just curious, why is New York so dirty? Did I just go to the wrong places? Are there any streets that are not full of trash?

    Please do not take offense to this if you live in New York, I am just curious....
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    Define dirty? Garbage on the street and/or sidewalks? Grafitti on the buildings? Dirty air?
    Many people in a small space, lots of people walking as well as driving so tons of opportunities for littering

    I work in midtown Manhattan and have for a long time.
    I honestly don't think it's ever been a priority for the city government to maximize cleanliness, although it's certainly cleaner than it used to be. It didn't help when they got rid of a lot of garbage cans so no one would put a bomb in them (like terrorists couldn't find somewhere else to put a bomb?????).

    I don't consider the streets to be "full of trash," but I also could have stopped seeing it a long time ago.
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      First off I love NYC and I go there a lot but to answer your question it's just a huge city and its hard to maintain cleanliness. But more higher end areas like Times Square isn't bad at all and is well kept but areas nearer to slums and stuf people don't even bother doing anything there because its just a waste of time because the filth is just going to come back.