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  • Talk About Anything Thread

    I've noticed basically every forum that I frequent has one of these. It is usually the most popular thread on the site.

    Come here if you just want to talk to other members about anything going on. Talk about your day, life, school, work, ect. Keep conversation with other members. Ask for advice.

    Just chat away.

    Right now I'm going to sleep, hopefully we get some responses in here tomorrow and can start some discussion.

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    Ok let's see if I can make this thread come alive...

    Sorry my kindle wont let me add image to post so you'll just have to go on the link

    So what shall we chat about? Cats?


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      cats! got 3 of 'em :)
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        So have I. Tim, Charlotte and Scruff - long story. I'll try and add a picture of them.


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          Larry, Alley, & Astrid.
          We call Alley our movie cat 'cause we found him as a tiny kitten when we were shooting a short.
          Screenwriter and script consultant:


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            We have 2 indoor cats, Frances and Alice. We had a third Elliot. Sadly he passed away while we were on vacation this past September. It still bothers me. He was only 11.5 years old. I know that's the average age of a male cat. But, he should have lasted many more years. Frances is his brother.

            Alice we picked up off our backyard as a kitten. She was sick. She's now a 2 year old terror.

            Oh, and we have 10 outdoor cats I feed. Marty has been out there since we moved in 2007. She's had kittens who have had kittens. TEN FRIGGIN CATS and there's more on the way. Anyone want a few?


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              You win, UniqueAmI ! Larry was born under our barbecue grill (we found homes for his siblings), while Astrid walked out on his owner (our neighbor) and showed up at our window, hollering to be let in. The neighbor has large dogs, which I guess Astrid didn't like (yeah, we let the neighbor know we were taking him in!).
              Screenwriter and script consultant:


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                I picked up Alice the day after Hurricane Irene. She was so sick she couldn't open her eyes. The other cats would run away when she came close.

                This is the first video I took of her.


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                  This is sorta filmmaking related, but WTH. Anyway, there's this awesome site called "GlobalMove". It's sort of like Apple and Google Maps, but it's a bit easier to navigate, with a cleaner interface. There's also an option that allows to you track (filmmaking) meet ups if you punch in your location.


                  You're welcome.


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                    UniqueAmI: Poor little thing, bet it's glad you rescued it.

                    Mara: Sounds like some nice cats.

                    None of my cats have a very interesting story really Scruff is Charlotte's son - both siamese chocolate points - and Tim is a Havana - and he's huge.


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                      Alice only likes me when she wants to play. Otherwise she hates my guts. She loves Karen though.

                      I'm like Elmyra Duff to animals.


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                        My cat Tim loves everyone and anything. Charlotte likes anyone with a comfortable knee and Scruff just couldn't care less about anything really.


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                          Do you like monkeys?


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                            Who doesn't like monkeys? One of my relatives had one that he'd bring up from NC back in the 60s. It was cool.

                            All animals rock.


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                              Originally posted by UniqueAmI View Post
                              All animals rock.
                              True statement.
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