NRAmerica: A Social Drama
A not-for-profit independent film being produced in collaboration with March For Our Lives, Road To Change, Ban Assault Weapons Now, Mom's Demand Action, Team Enough, To Write Love On Her Arms, and Stop Handgun Violence Now.

If this is something that interests you, please check out our page and share with your friends. This film is to support the cause of furthering the conversation of solving gun violence.


A young girl, raised in a society where all of the NRA's radical suggestions to ending gun violence have been made policy, survives a shooting at the "safest school in the country." Teachers are armed, schools are fortified, shields are put in backpacks, and concealed carry is expected.

She and her father, though they love each other deeply, have diametrically opposed solutions to the epidemic. Shattered and broken, she must make the choice between those she loves most and her beliefs.

NRAmerica & the March For Our Lives-guns-schools-copy-jpg

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