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Welcome to the Armory. We are home to a vast collection of replica firearms and assorted weaponry; available for the collector, cosplay enthusiast, independent filmmaker and reenactor. We carry movie, stage, and television props as well as period clothing, accessories, etc. At Armory, there’s something for everybody: from Hollywood directors to Steampunks, to amateur hobbyists. The Armory: When Realism Matters.

We love helping filmmakers with making magic. We have very realistic replicas, costumes, swords, etc. We have supplied items to shows such as "The Walking Dead" and "Portlandia".

For anyone who is interested in ordering from us, we will give a 5% discount every time you order. Visit to get started buying items for your collection

Email info[at] if you do order, so we can apply the 5% discount.

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