• Recruiting video: Employee search in the digital age

    This is how recruiting works today!
    Markets have always been meeting places. If you have something to offer, you will meet with someone who needs something - and in the best case, everyone will do a good business.

    This also applies to the labor market. In the meantime, the change from the demand to the provider market is taking place in ever larger steps. While previously skilled workers were looking for a job, many employees are now looking for recruiting video for new employees, and they are also highly sought after by the high demand for promising candidates with limited supply.

    The new employee - and this applies from the trainee to the senior positions - is offered a pleasant environment with appropriate compensation. This also increases the identification with the employer. So that both sides can get a picture of each other, the potential new employee presents himself in his application - and the modern company communicates its values ​​and ideas in a timely manner with an individual recruiting video.

    Of course, the contents presented and the choice of channels used to distribute the recruiting video depend on the positions to be filled and the target group defined.

    The current recruiting video of the Müller media is aimed at school leavers in search of a training place. The viewer takes the perspective of a trainee and, among other things, gets to know many exemplary stages of training in the corporate family of the Müller media.

    Recruiting films production house allow jobseekers to meet potential new employers and the workplace environment anonymously. As a positive side effect for the employer, a recruiting video will not only provide the emotional and informative approach of the interested parties but also very positive search engine effects for the company website.
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